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Newborn Portraits | Vermont Photographer


This was my first time photographing newborn twins and I admit that I was super nervous, mainly because there were two babies to get to sleep and they were half the size of my own children when they were born.  However, I ended up feeling super comfortable holding these precious little girls. They ended up being so good that we were able to do it in the same amount of time it takes to get one newborn asleep. I’m not sure there is anything sweeter than having a baby to snuggle, but having two is the cherry on top.

Vermont Newborn Photographer | Amy Donohue Photography_0531Vermont Newborn Photographer | Amy Donohue Photography_0530Vermont Newborn Photographer | Amy Donohue Photography_0532Vermont Newborn Photographer | Amy Donohue Photography_0533

Project Life {Week 20}

This week’s round up……

#a_trinket – A trinket from the Middle East brought home to our girls from their daddy.

#wander – Wandering downtown WRJ and this caught my eye.

#favorite – My favorite place is the beach and this is one of my favorite quotes.

#good – A rainy day and it felt so good and relaxing.

#better – Happy cows make better milk.

#best – The best part of spring is watching it unfold.

#makes_my_heart_sing – Her extremely well loved blankie makes  my heart sing.



A wonderful life

As 2014 comes to a close I look back on how I’ve documented our life and all the memories captured and feel overwhelmingly grateful for this beautiful life we have.  I know that sounds cliche but I get down too, especially when my husband has to travel a lot for work and I’m solo parenting, but when I look back at a year’s worth of photos I can’t help but to feel so blessed and grateful to live in such a beautiful area and have such caring people in our lives.  I love seeing the beauty in the everyday and capturing how wonderful life can be.  I recently came across an article by Katie Thurmeshad in Darling Magazine but republished by on Artifact Uprising’s blog with a  wonderful quote that really sums up why I choose to photograph daily for my personal life.  “We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.”  The time we have together seems too fleeting to me and I want to remember every minute of it.

This is my second year completing a 365 project and each year as it comes to a close I ask myself if I want to continue on with the project in the next year.  There are times when my kids put up the objectionable hand in the face when I pull out my camera and that’s when I turn to the dog, the beautiful Vermont landscape or heck, even put myself on the other side of the camera.  After all, I can’t expect my kids to be so willing to be photographed if I’m not.  It’s a good exercise for photographers to be on the other side of the lens and I’m starting to feel less narcissistic by doing creative selfies or just getting in the frame with my kiddos.  I love photographing everyday…..the boring, the milestones, the sports, the illness, the lazy mornings, the kite flying, the chores, the warm hugs, the hikes, the being silly, the toes, the braids.  I want to remember every detail and can’t imagine a life without documenting.

Amy Donohue Photography_0169

Amy Donohue Photography_0170Amy Donohue Photography_0182Amy Donohue Photography_0187Amy Donohue Photography_0171Amy Donohue Photography_0172Amy Donohue Photography_0173Amy Donohue Photography_0178Amy Donohue Photography_0174Amy Donohue Photography_0183Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAmy Donohue Photography_0189Amy Donohue Photography_0185OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Amy Donohue Photography_0177

Amy Donohue Photography_0176
Amy Donohue Photography_0180Amy Donohue Photography_0179Amy Donohue Photography_0181
Amy Donohue Photography_0184Amy Donohue Photography_0188
Amy Donohue Photography_0186

Professional Family Photos | Woodstock Vermont

This fall I was asked by Clickin Moms to guest host on their Instagram account and this is where Karen found me.  She is also a fellow photographer in nearby Massachusetts and wanted to have professional photos taken of her own family.  I must say I was a bit in shock to hear she was willing to make a day road trip out of her family photo session and drive all the way to Vermont, but I am so glad she did.  It was wonderful to connect with her and meet her beautiful family.  After much thought, I began to realize that I’d totally do the same thing.  It must be a photographer thing!  It was also their anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to get away for the day, see scenic Vermont and have someone document it.  I’m so honored she chose me as that person.  They are a wonderful family and I can’t tell you how happy it made me when I received their holiday card in the mail with the below image on it.  I feel so lucky to do what I do and it truly warms my heart when I capture memories for families.  I’m also so grateful for the friendships and connections it brings into my life.

Thank you Karen and Scott for choosing me to document your day!

Amy Donohue Photography_0198

Amy Donohue Photography_0203Amy Donohue Photography_0199Amy Donohue Photography_0200Amy Donohue Photography_0201Amy Donohue Photography_0197Amy Donohue Photography_0195Amy Donohue Photography_0191Amy Donohue Photography_0193Amy Donohue Photography_0192Amy Donohue Photography_0204Amy Donohue Photography_0202

Professional Portfolio Images | Amy Donohue Photography

These two are some of my favorite clients, mainly because their mom had the confidence in me during the beginning phases of my photography journey, confidence that I didn’t even have in myself.  She’s trusted me to provide professional portfolio images for them fore several years now and to say photographing them is easy is just an understatement.  Besides being such handsome guys they really have the best personalities and are so fun to be around.  They have some great looks for the camera but we did have to separate the two while it was their turn to be photographed because they were making each other laugh so hard!  Thanks so much guys for letting me photograph you another year and for making it so much fun every time!

2014-07-30_0009Amy Donohue Photography

2014-07-30_0010Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0011Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0012Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0013Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0014Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0016Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0015Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0017Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0018 Amy Donohue Photography

Professional Headshot Images

Still rockin’ that selfie you took with your camera phone on your professional social media sites or worse don’t have a profile image at all?  In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to have a professional and polished online appearance. Professional images are the most worthwhile investment you can make for your career.  You only get one chance to make a first impression and most impressions now begin online.

$150 for five custom edited high resolution digital files delivered via online gallery.  Professional headshot sessions last up to thirty minutes in length but if you’re looking for more than the short and sweet, I am happy to offer a full customized session that provides more choices of final image delivery as well as multiple wardrobe changes.

Happy to chat and customize a session that works for you.  Send me a message or give me a call 802.765.4548





Miss Teen Vermont {Vermont Portrait Photographer}

I had the opportunity to photography this lovely lady who was recently accepted to compete for the title of Miss Teen Vermont in the upcoming months.  I’ve known her and her family for a while and have had the pleasure of photographing them several times over the years.  I really love photographing teens, they sit still (unlike the little ones who I also love chasing around), they pose perfectly with a little direction and they always look radiantly beautiful.  Best of luck Suzie, we hope you win it!

If you are interested in supporting her, you can make a donation of any size on her fundraising page!

Amy Donohue Photography Miss Teen Vermont


Strawberry Picking | Cedar Circle Farm

This is a late post since it’s almost blueberry picking time but better late than never.  The girls and I went to Cedar Circle Farm, the first time we’d pick strawberries there and had such a great time.  We even made jam when we got home.  Something about doing that makes me feel like a Vermonter even though I could just buy what little we eat.  The main thing is we got tons of strawberries for the freezer for smoothies.

Strawberry Picking Cedar Circle Farm

ADP Strawberry Picking-30

ADP Strawberry Picking-27

ADP Strawberry Picking-8

ADP Strawberry Picking-23ADP Strawberry Picking-35ADP Strawberry Picking-40ADP Strawberry Picking-42ADP Strawberry Picking-45ADP Strawberry Picking-3ADP Strawberry Picking-49ADP Strawberry Picking-50

ADP Strawberry Picking-52

Cedar Circle Farm

We picked our strawberries at Cedar Circle Farm in Thetford, Vermont where you can also pick your own blueberries and flowers.  They have a cafe on site if you want to grab a tea or coffee, fresh veggies grown on the farm and local meat and dairy products.  Really a great place to take the kids and get great local food.

  • Kate - Beautiful pictures Amy! We also love picking berries at the farm!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks so much Kate! I heard blueberries were ready this week too but can’t remember where. We always go to Wards anyway since they’re closer. Happy Summer!ReplyCancel

Vermont High School Prom Photos | The Sharon Academy | My little boy……

It’s true when they say that you should cherish each and every moment with your kids because they grow up too fast.  It’s often hard to remember this though with hectic schedules that involve dashing to after school activities while trying your best to put healthy foods in their bodies.  Often times, I think of a lifespan in terms of 100 years.  (I mainly think this way because my husband is always saying that he plans to live to 100.)  So, if you think of a lifespan in terms of 100 years, we only have our children during approximately twenty of those years, under our wing to shape them and give them the tools they need to lead successful, happy lives.  To me, it is just a reminder that the days may seem long but the time really is too short.

This guy, on the way to his girl friend’s house, says “Thanks for all your help today (getting ready for prom).  I don’t know what I’d be without you.”.  After saying you’re welcome, I jokingly said “Well, without me to give birth to you and give you life, you’d be someone completely different so we literally don’t know who you’d be without me”  We both laughed but then on the way home I got really teary-eyed thinking about this because the truth is, I don’t know who I would be without him.  He has made me grow so much as a person and I don’t believe I would be who I am today without him.  It makes me so happy to see him happy and I just happen to think that his happiness has something to do with having this beautifully stunning date to dance with.


The Sharon Academy Prom Photography

The Sharon Academy Prom Photography

The Sharon Academy Prom Photography Barn Photo

  • Brooke - I’m teary-eyed!!!ReplyCancel

    • admin - I know, they grow up way too fast. Sniff. Sniff.ReplyCancel

  • Kathy - You not only have a way with photographs, you have a way with words! I cried. With my daughter about to go to college too far away to drive in a day, I am feeling deeply how temporary the blessing of having our children in our day to day lives truly is. However, if we’ve done the most difficult job in the world right, they will always come home to mom – right?!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks so much Kathy. I know that day will come when they leave and it will be so difficult. There will most likely be a lot of crying and a lot of visiting. This is one reason I try my best to savor every moment, capturing as much as possible through the lens so I always have those images to remind me of the sweet, short time they are under our wings.ReplyCancel

A week in review….

Big things happened last week around here.  The hubby had to work in DC for the week leaving out on Monday and then late that night, I received news that a loved one had passed away making it impossible for me to attend the funeral so these heart-shaped rockes are in her honor.  Our oldest became a licensed driver, our middle child got braces and the littlest struggled to get back on a routine after being on spring break the week before.  Needless to say I was happy and relieved when the hubby returned, especially when he gave me this cool coffee mug.  Oh and Derby, well she kinda started this week off on a sweet note.  This image of her was featured on Project Life 365 for the prompt #looking_out.  I guess you could say she got best in show this week for the family.  I love capturing life, our life, and these big moments.  It warms my heart.

teenage driverbraceschild sleepingsuitcase unpackingcoffee cup lens

Life’s little reminders……

I love inspirational quotes, especially this one I found on Pinterest created by Kristen over at Little Laws Prints. I thought it would be super cute hanging in the girls’ bedroom since we were in the middle of updating it, but then decided I wanted to see it more frequently so I put it in our mud room over the key basket. This way, it would be a constant reminder to follow your heart.

life reminders, lessons, rumi, do what you love

Strafford’s Winter Carnival

This past weekend was Strafford’s Annual Winter Carnival with the theme “Way Back When”. Vermont Public Radio had stated earlier in the week that we’d had 22 days of overcast so we were due some sunshine and couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather. We had lots of snow on the ground, temperatures in the forties, blue skies and full sun all weekend long. Some even had sunburns by Sunday’s award dinner. The fun and sunshine was just what we needed to lift those gloomy winter blues.

At the bonfire the girls were out numbered by the boys having a snow ball fight so they started making snow sculptures with the crusty snow. It was very sweet to see their creations and watch them working so intensely.

Oh, and I have to brag about the awesome phone sculpture made by some pretty awesome lady friends of mine. They totally rocked it wouldn’t you say?
sunset, black and white, vermontbonefire smoressnow sculpture building winter carnivallove bonfire winter carnivalbonfirelove bonfire snow heart sculpturesunset winter carnival vermontwinter carnival obstacle coursewinter carnival obstacle coursewinter carnival obstacle course phone

Bye-Bye Pink Girly Room, Hello Sunshine!

My girls had a pink room (more like salmon) and had been complaining that they didn’t like it, and didn’t want a pink room anymore. It took us almost six months to update, but here is the finished product. Being somewhat of a pink girl myself, I had to keep just one element of pink, the pink and gray picture frame.

teal, turquoise, yellow, girls, shared space, kids room, children, room makeover, update, hearts, love

Two Months of Life…..Project Life 365 that is

I admit, I was skeptical as to whether or not I’d stick with a 365 project but 59 days in and I’m absolutely loving it! It is making me look at the world in a new light with fresh eyes. This month thanks to Project Life 365, I updated a #nook in our bedroom that had waited five years for the right wall hanging. It is now one of my favorite spaces. I also captured tender moments of our everyday life that I never want to forget and it is pushing me to be more creative with my photography. You can always check out my images here on my blog but you can follow my instant feed on Instagram here.

Good times

Today’s Project Life 365 prompt: #good_times.

I hated that I had to crop to a 1:1 ratio to post one of these puppies on Instagram, so I thought I’d share all the love here.  As I was hanging up the laundry, I picked up the camera and snapped a few shots in between shirts.  I love seeing how they went from playing with their dolls to being totally engrossed in the story.daddy daughter, photographer, lifestyle, story time, strafford, upper valley, child, photodaddy daughter, photographer, lifestyle, story time, strafford, upper valley, child, photodaddy daughter, photographer, lifestyle, story time, strafford, upper valley, child, photo


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