High School Senior Session | Hanover, New Hampshire Photographer

I only do a few high school senior sessions a year but when I do them I am reminded how wonderful it is to be a senior finishing your last year of high school and preparing for the next phase of life. It can be nerve-racking for parents as I just went through it a few years ago myself, but it truly is a time to be treasured. The excitement of finding the right school and pursuing your dreams. I love hearing all about them, what colleges they’ve applied to, what they love and just soak in their enthusiasm for what’s to come. This high school senior session was no exception. I loved that her mom and sisters accompanied her as it can be a really fun thing to do with those you’re closest to. It can help you relax in front of the camera if you’re one to get a little nervous. However, this girl was so comfortable not only in front of my camera but in her own skin and certainly would have rocked her session going solo. That’s not something you see in every young adult which I think is an indication she will also rock at achieving all her dreams.

High School Senior Portraits © Amy Donohue PhotographyHigh School Senior Portraits © Amy Donohue Photography

High School Senior Session © Amy Donohue Photography

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