Photo Native | Dreamy Intimate Photo Shoot

In January I went to a relatively new photography conference called Photo Native in Provo, Utah. I chose this conference because it had a lineup of star-studded educators that I really wanted to learn from that included Summer Murdock, India Earl, and Ben Sasso. The best thing about this conference, over other conferences that I’ve attended, was that I could go to any class I wanted. I didn’t have to sign up ahead of time and I didn’t have to stress about paying for a conference ticket first and then move to the next step of registering for classes to only learn the ones I had my heart set on were full.

The conference offered add-on dinners and photography shoots with various photographers and educators with limited seats. These add-ons were limited to preserve the learning atmosphere, creating an intimate environment to learn and an opportunity to connect and ask questions with the instructor. I was fortunate to snag a dinner seat with Summer Murdock and a styled shoot with India Earl, two photographers whose work has inspired me for a while. I love Summer’s documentary style of photographing her own family and India’s dreamy work with couples and weddings. It was amazing to have dinner with other creative photographers in a laid back atmosphere and chat all things photography. The photo shoot with India Earl was also laid back and a great learning experience. I was able to play around with India’s 45mm Tilt Shift lens which creates a pretty dreamy.

I learned so much at this conference and walked away feeling inspired on many levels and with new friendships. I love the photos I captured. They represent a very different feel from what I have experience shooting and that’s what I like. These images make me feel something and make me want to take my work in an entirely different direction.  If you’re a couple who likes what you see and you want to create unique, dreamy and intimate portraits, let’s chat and create something amazing!

© Amy Donohue Photography | Photo Native | Provo, Utah© Amy Donohue Photography | Photo Native | Provo, Utah© Amy Donohue Photography | Photo Native | Provo, Utah© Amy Donohue Photography | Photo Native | Provo, Utah


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