Strafford Saddlery Shop

This weekend was a regular weekend packed with things to get done with scheduled play time  in between because it was such nice weather.  One of the items to check off our list was to get summer riding gear for my daughter, so we headed to our local tack shop which was having their annual tent sale.  There was lots of bustling going on with lots of great deals.  We got the gear we needed and as I was checking out I was completely caught off guard when I caught site of their catalog.  I mean, I knew all about the catalog that was coming out but I was so distracted with my list of things to get that it had completely slipped my mind.  It was surreal to see my images in print right there on the cover.  I think I may have done a little shriek as the wonderful ladies at the counter were very quiet, maybe waiting to see if I’d notice.  The catalog is beyond beautiful and I love the layout.

The owner of Strafford Saddlery Shop, Annie Penfield, had contacted me to help her create images for a catalog for her tack shop a while back.  Her vision was to create images that showed her products in use, not just the product itself.  Annie only offers products in her shop that provide the highest quality and the most comfort for both rider and horse.  Her shop has operated in the heart of Vermont for more than two decades and her shop’s philosophy is that they tell it like it is, not sell it like it is because if they don’t like it at the shop, they don’t sell it.  It was important to capture all products from blankets to protective fly sheets, as well as bridles, apparel for eventing and safety products for the tiniest riders. (Do those little models sporting the kids’ apparel look familiar?  Well, let me say it didn’t take much convincing to get them on board with this photo session.)

This was such a great project to take on and I couldn’t be more appreciative that Annie came to me for her photography needs.  It was so much fun but also challenging at the same time.  I say challenging because, although I’m from the thoroughbred state of Kentucky, I am actually really afraid of horses or let me say I was afraid of horses.  I’ve never even been on a horse but taking on this project has made me so much more comfortable and appreciative of this beautiful animal.  So much that I dare say I think I could ride one now.

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