A wonderful life

As 2014 comes to a close I look back on how I’ve documented our life and all the memories captured and feel overwhelmingly grateful for this beautiful life we have.  I know that sounds cliche but I get down too, especially when my husband has to travel a lot for work and I’m solo parenting, but when I look back at a year’s worth of photos I can’t help but to feel so blessed and grateful to live in such a beautiful area and have such caring people in our lives.  I love seeing the beauty in the everyday and capturing how wonderful life can be.  I recently came across an article by Katie Thurmeshad in Darling Magazine but republished by on Artifact Uprising’s blog with a  wonderful quote that really sums up why I choose to photograph daily for my personal life.  “We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.”  The time we have together seems too fleeting to me and I want to remember every minute of it.

This is my second year completing a 365 project and each year as it comes to a close I ask myself if I want to continue on with the project in the next year.  There are times when my kids put up the objectionable hand in the face when I pull out my camera and that’s when I turn to the dog, the beautiful Vermont landscape or heck, even put myself on the other side of the camera.  After all, I can’t expect my kids to be so willing to be photographed if I’m not.  It’s a good exercise for photographers to be on the other side of the lens and I’m starting to feel less narcissistic by doing creative selfies or just getting in the frame with my kiddos.  I love photographing everyday…..the boring, the milestones, the sports, the illness, the lazy mornings, the kite flying, the chores, the warm hugs, the hikes, the being silly, the toes, the braids.  I want to remember every detail and can’t imagine a life without documenting.

Amy Donohue Photography_0169

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