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These two are some of my favorite clients, mainly because their mom had the confidence in me during the beginning phases of my photography journey, confidence that I didn’t even have in myself.  She’s trusted me to provide professional portfolio images for them fore several years now and to say photographing them is easy is just an understatement.  Besides being such handsome guys they really have the best personalities and are so fun to be around.  They have some great looks for the camera but we did have to separate the two while it was their turn to be photographed because they were making each other laugh so hard!  Thanks so much guys for letting me photograph you another year and for making it so much fun every time!

2014-07-30_0009Amy Donohue Photography

2014-07-30_0010Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0011Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0012Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0013Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0014Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0016Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0015Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0017Amy Donohue Photography2014-07-30_0018 Amy Donohue Photography

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