The hammock

I put the chair hammock up this week and she noticed today after school.  She immediately ran inside and grabbed her book.  It was a great opportunity for me to practice free lensing.  Free lensing is a technique where you first adjust your settings in manual mode for a proper exposure and then you remove your lens to create dreamy blur (bokeh) that you see in this image.  I have used a 50mm lens and 85mm lens with success free lensing but for this shot I used my 50mm.  Once you remove your lens, tilting to one side or the other will create more bokeh.  For this image, I tilted my lens to the left so I could get her feet in focus and the effect blurred the rest of the image.  You may have to walk in and out to find your focus point.  I find it easier to look through the eye piece to find focus, other’s suggest using the viewfinder.  Give it a try and see what works for you.  It does take some time getting used to it but is is a great way to add creativity to your photography.

Spring has arrived and so has reading in the hammock.

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