Project Life 365 {Week 23}

Here’s this week’s wrap up of Project Life 365.

#unforgettable – River jumping with the kids is only one of many unforgettable moments I hope they have in their childhood.

#masterpiece – When you stop and really think about it, it’s all one big masterpiece.

#action – It was so hot but the water was so cold so she was dipping her hair and throwing it back.  I almost twisted my ankle to get to her with my camera and catch this.

#bliss – The nights are still so cold and when we leave the windows open the house is freezing when we wake up.  It’s a nice balance for later in the day when the heat comes but the girls always sit in the sunlight trying to get warm and this is bliss for me, this mom with a camera.

#cement – Love this little cement bird that came with our house when we moved in.

#creature – This cute little guy was right outside the chicken coop and I believe it thought I was going to eat him.

#too_much – Her stuffy obsession can be a bit too much for me at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  See other blog post. 🙂

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Week 23 of Project Life 365

An unforgettable day of river jumping with the kids, a hike to Mt. Cardigan, splashing in the river, blissful morning light, garden creatures and too much love for a horse.

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