Project Life 365 {Week 22}

This week’s round up……..

#favorite_place – Actually, my favorite place in the whole wide world is the beach and it always will be.  However, I love Vermont and it is just as majestic in it’s beauty and I’m so lucky to call it my home.

#ordinary_beauty – This prompt came on Memorial Day and this image seemed like a perfect fit for ordinary beauty and for honoring the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our great freedoms.  It is a day where we have picnics and backyard barbecues but we should keep in mind that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate these freedoms if it weren’t for the men and women who have served.  There is a short story behind this barn with the flag.  I’ve passed by this barn several times and wanted to photograph it but for whatever reason never did.  This day, I noticed the property owners sitting outside having cocktails so I pulled over.  I’ve been doing this a lot since starting this project.  I used to be reluctant to knock on someone’s door and ask permission to photograph something on their land but now, I don’t have a problem doing that.  In fact, my kids have even gotten used to it.  We’ve met some great people, heard a lot of history and have even gotten to pet some pretty cute puppies!  So, on this day I left the kids in the car as they were plugged into a movie and the kind lady shared her story.  When her son was deployed to Iraq, she hung a huge flag on the barn in his honor (bigger than the one on there now) and if you look closely you can see the outline of where the wood faded.  Upon his return home the flag had become tattered after hanging for two years and her son asked her to take it down as you should not hang a tattered flag.  She then put this one up.  She was incredibly nice and even asked if I wanted to join them for a drink.  I totally would have if I didn’t have the kids in the car.  However, I was glad that I stopped to photograph her barn and even more grateful to hear the story behind the flag so I could share the image and story on a day where we honor those who sacrificed for our freedoms.

#pink – A pink mailbox with a mini top hat, how cute!

#reflection – Homework time at the kitchen counter and catching her reflection in the tea kettle.

#edgy – Lupine after the rain, shot with a macro lens

#real_life – Mowing the lawn isn’t all that fun but it’s real life as I know it.

#you_today – I really dislike having my picture taken but it seems I need to get over that since we have this theme each month.  I realize that it is just as important for me to be in the family photo album.  This image is special to me because Mary Gage took it.  She was so excited that I handed over my camera to her after dinner.  The lesson was on selective focusing.  It warms my hear to even think that she’d love photography as much as I do.

Vermont landscape photography, Vermont Barn, unusual Vermont mailbox, reflection in the tea kettle, lupine, lawn mowing, al fresco dining

This week’s project life 365 project photos include a beautiful Vermont landscape, a patriotic Vermont barn with a story to share, an unusual pink mailbox with a top hat, reflection of homework time in the tea kettle, water beads on a lupine, real life chores, and a photo of me by my daughter.

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