I started out as an education major in college but ultimately ended up a business major. And after six years of being an entrepreneur and having years of previous work experience in the financial and legal industry, I've decided to launch AD Education. In this little corner you can find business related information that I hope will help you in your entrepreneurship journey as well as options for investing in your business. I'm beyond excited to launch this sector of my business and help other photographers navigate the various seasons of entrepreneurship. If you see something below and have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! 


5 hours to discuss any related topic on photography, entrepreneurship, marketing, pricing, connecting with the ideal client, portfolio review, etc. You pick the topics and we can schedule any way you'd like with a one hour check in over five months or five hours in one day.

One on one mentoring


Send your portfolio my way and I'll provide an in depth video review offering feedback on your use of the exposure triangle, technical, composition, use of light, color and white balance, processing and cohesion, creativity and cohesion.

Portfolio Review


You select any topic you'd like to know more about and we dig into it during this one hour coaching session that is done via video chat or if you're local at a nearby coffee shop.

mini coaching session





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