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Project Life 365 {Week 47}

The count down is on as I check week 47 off of 52 weeks in 2014 for this Project.  However, I’m not sure I’ll be able to quit!  Project Life 365 has given me so much growth this year and there is always room for more growth, always pushing your creative side.  My only hope is that Project Life 365 continues in 2014!  Until then, here’s another week done!

PS – My #in_these_shoes image was featured over on Snap Maven’s blog as one of their weekly favorites for #rhythm.

PL 365 Week47

Project Life 365 {Week 46}

A food themed week for Project Life 365.  We celebrated our youngest’s birthday having cupcakes for lunch and her sweet image was a selected feature by Project Life 365.  The image was also a favorite selected by Christina Mallet over on Little Bellows Blog.  My #dinner image showed up as featured over on Light Inspired blog and my #whatever image of Derby was a highlight on their Facebook page.

It’s never too late to start your own Project Life 365, join in when you can and start documenting  your life.

PL365 Week 46

Project Life 365 {Week 44}





Two images below were featured over on Little Bellows Blog, click on the image to go to see the feature.
Vermont Photographer 365 project week 44

Project Life 365 {Week 42}

Hard to believe I’ve completed 42 weeks and there are only 10 weeks to go until the end of this project.  Although it has been challenging at times I am grateful for the growth it has brought to me and my photography.  Project Life 365, I don’t think I can quit you.  🙂

#bloom | Autumn blooms.

#discovery | Discovery at the Montshire Museum of Science.

#annoying | To some this little weed is annoying but I think it is beautiful.

#in_charge | Momma duck is in charge.  Project Life 365 feature on Instagram.

#key | The only interesting key I could find in our house that goes to a wind up clock.

#to_do | Teach my kids to see the beauty in everything.

#still | An annoying still.


Project Life 365 Week 42

Project Life 365 {Week 41}

Here’s to another week of Project Life!

#rural | Vermont Rural is the best!

#cinematic | You’ve got to dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ve never been hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth. -William Purkey

#borrowed | For this prompt I asked my husband, the book collector, if he had an books that he’d purchased from a library sale that still had the cards in the back.  He went to his collection and quickly returned with this book.  He was smiling very sheepishly and then told me that he checked the book out in high school and loved it so much that he never returned it.  The due date: May 22, 1986.  I calculated what the current fine would be and it totals $492.75.  Since this was a Project Life 365 feature image on Instagram and now the whole world knows of this crime, I suppose someone had better make a donation to this library!

#hugs | Beasties at the soccer field.

#old_school | Chuck Taylors and marbles, two old school classics. {Featured on Little Bellows Blog | Christina Mallet on Instagram}

#fragrant | Can’t you just smell the barn and crisp autumn air.

#rad | Trampoline bungie jumping is pretty rad.

You can always join in and start documenting your life.  Check out Project Life 365 to get the daily prompts and start documenting your world!

Vermont Photographer 365 Project Week 41


Project Life 365 {Week 40}

Hard to believe I’ve been doing this project for 40 weeks but here’s another week done!

#neighbor | Neighbors with chickens.

#shapes | Modern shapes in a light fixture.

#you_today | Excited to wake up this morning and find that my Project Life 365 images were being featured over on Little Bellows blog!

#sunset | Just barely.

#words_to_live_by | Taking time to live life, will only inspire your work.  Remember this.

#not_so_much | Such a vicious guard dog, not really.

#happy_place | Home is my happy place with my family.

You can always join me and start documenting your own life, learn more by visiting Project Life 365.


PL365 Week 40

Project Life 365 {Week 39}

Another week wrapped up…..

#skilled | This kid is a natural athlete and has made skills in basketball and soccer.

#hiding | The girls built this fort in a park that we discovered while in NYC. Peace!

#grey | Well, that’s one less than I had before.  Pluck.

#crooked | Great find on the way to a soccer game on this old abandoned brick building.

#home_away | We’re either at a soccer field or in a gymnasium most days after school which is our home away from home.

#worn_out | TGIF, so glad school lets out at lunch on Fridays.  Just another reason why I love this place!

Amy Donohue Photography -39



Project Life 365 {Week 38}

Here’s this week’s prompts……

#currently_reading | I love watching her read.

#energy | My daily liquid energy.

#texture | Our first frost of the season the night before.

#ornate | An ornate finding on my husband’s car.

#inspires_me | There is a lot that inspires me but beautiful light is high on that list.

#entrance | Fort building in the pole beans.

#nobody_sees_this | I found this infant snail in the irises one morning.  I think he was at the end of his rope.

You can always join me and start your own Project Life 365!


PL365 Week -38


Project Life 365 {Week 37}

Another week wrapped up of Project Life 365

#low_contrast | My favorite colors in nature.

#vivid | Testing out a friends 70-200mm lens and loving her vivid personality.

#stress | Homework stress, hoping this year is going to be different.

#remembering | Remembering 9/11.

#pointy | The sunflower.

#partial | Partial rain with a chance of clearing for the Tunbridge World’s Fair.

#heck_yeah | Looking up at the Typhoon ride at the fair, heck yeah.

PL365 Week -37



Project Life 365 {Week 36}

Here’s this week’s wrap up…….

#you_today | Shopping in Burlington with girlfriends for the day and catching a reflection of myself.

#preparing | This is all my husband’s work, preparing for winter. Featured image by Project Life 365 on Instagram

#slow | Slow moving day + tea and honey = a boost of energy.

#shadows | Driving home the light was brilliantly lighting the tops of the trees while casting strong shadows on other parts.

#the_ultimate | The ultimate summer bloom, the sunflower.

#water | Sunset over the White River.

#surprising | You don’t discover this everyday in the woods.  We had a cookout with some friends on their land where they will soon be building and they had a pretty cool archeological site with some pretty surprising things.

PL365 Week-36

Project Life 365 {Week 35}

This is probably one of my favorite weeks in photographs.  I love so many of them and they evoke such memories that make me want to hold onto summer just a little longer.

#memory | Backyard camping for the girls before school starts. (Featured Instagram image on The Bloom Forum)

#refreshing | Nothing more refreshing than a cool summer breeze out the car window. (Featured Instagram image over on Little Bellows)

#white | I captured this earlier in the month when the girls took a few rides at a local horse farm.  This horse was so calm and gentle.  I loved that I was able to get close enough to capture her white lashes.

#rule_of_thirds |  Barns and silos of Vermont, one of my favorites to photograph

#bubbly | This image is a macro shot of bubbles {Dawn dishwashing soap mixed with water and a dash of grape seed oil}. I loved how the oil produced many colors that were in constant motion on the outside of the bubbles.

#just_like_a_movie | Seriously one of the hardest prompts I’ve had.  However, driving away from a local shop, these fields caught my eye as a scene from The Sound of Music but was just missing someone twirling around.  Lucky me, it was early dismissal day at school! (Featured image on Instagram Kids)

#thank_you | Another stumper.  How do you photograph thank you?  This day was spent mostly in the car driving to a high school soccer game in the rain and I was struggling to come up with something to capture.  That is until this covered bridge caught my eye as a rebuild after Hurricane Irene.  As we drove by I took a second look in my rearview mirror and spotted the flag hanging on the other side.  Eeerk!  A quick slam on the breaks and a quick turn I was pulled over and out of the car to snap this image.  I really love the salvaged wood used to rebuild this covered bridge, makes me wonder if it was salvaged from the hurricane.  Anyway, it made me thankful for the strong communities across Vermont who banded together to pull through such a devastating time in Vermont’s history.

Want to join in on documenting life?  It’s never too late, maybe you want to just do it for a month, a week or maybe you’ll want to do it everyday!  Head on over to Project Life 365 to learn more and start sharing life through your eyes with daily prompts.

PL365 Week35


Project Life 365 {Week 34}

Trust me, I don’t have favorites when it comes to my kiddos but somehow my middle one was this week’s feature after looking at these.

#motion_blur | She’s got mad ninja skills.

#flight | Bubbly flight.

#stripes | Chocolate milk with a fun striped straw

#not_a_chore | Summer…..not a chore.

#lucky_number | Just is.

#fracture | Fracture or character?

#please | Pretty please with a cherry on top?  Featured photo by Project Life 365 on Instagram.

It’s never too late to join in on the fun and start documenting your life, one prompt at a time.  Check it out at Project Life 365.


PL365 Week -34

Project Life 365 {Week 33}

Another week completed with Project Life 365

#direction | Wind direction

#above | Falling leaves from above and I’m so not ready to let go of summer

#underneath | Sharing in the rain

#little_things | I admit, we’re at the point in the summer where I’m forcing my kids to play outside when I need a little time to get things done.  I don’t feel so bad when they showed me the little fairy house they built in the stream.

#reality | Her reality.  Peace, Love and Happiness!

#obligations | Parental obligations, no fun but necessary.

#matched_pair | Inspired by Ilona Szwarc’s work, I was intent on photographing my girls with their dolls for this prompt.  They squealed when I told them my thoughts and then continued to squeal and be silly while I was capturing them in their moment with their dolls.  This was a feature photo on Instagram by Project Life 365.


PL365 - Week 33



Project Life 365 {Week 32}

Here’s another week wrapped up of Project Life 365

#high_contrast | We’ve had some high contrast kinda weather lately.

#collection | Because it’s not every day that you have a herd of plastic animals waiting outside the bathroom for you.

#morning_routine | Egg collecting.

#snack | The ultimate summer snack.

#kiss | Kiss me?

#my_work | My work, packaged and ready for delivery.

#in_the_distance | A little help to see in the distance.

You can always join in on the fun and start documenting your own adventures.  It’s never too late!


PL365 Week -32

Project Life 365 {Week 31}

Here’s another week wrapped up of Project Life 365

#family | Since we weren’t all together for this prompt due to camp, I thought this image would do since it all really starts right here anyway.

#mail | I wanted to photograph our town’s post office because it has so much character and most likely won’t be there in the near future with all the issues the USPS is having.  So I stopped and took a few images and as I was looking at the back of my camera to see what I had gotten I looked up to see this gentleman coming.  I couldn’t be more excited because this gentleman is what makes one fall in love with this place.  He is well into his nineties and can be found riding his bicycle in his baseball cap and tweed jacket between the two villages to the general store.  It is a five mile round trip and it simply amazes me every time I see him.  As one person recently described “he is so poetic” and I couldn’t agree more.  As he approached me we said hello to one another and it was if he knew what I was expecting.  He road right into the frame allowing me to capture him in our town, on his bike, making this little town the little piece of heaven on earth that it is.  I felt incredibly lucky to capture his sweet soul.

#orange | Orange was a challenge for me until I saw my son’s basketball in the back of his car.  I immediately thought I could capture him shooting some hoops with it but when it kept getting stuck in the net, knew I had my shot.

#childhood | Is about going barefooted and climbing.

#you_today | Resting.  The day before I did two 6 mile runs and it wiped me out.

#reliable | I really can’t survive without making lists, even sharpie lists on my hand.

#hair | This shot was actually captured a few weeks ago when when we had the prompt #body.  I had a strapless top on and was experimenting in front of the camera but couldn’t bring myself to post it.  For some reason self portraits seem so narcissistic to me.  I don’t like seeing myself in photos, it’s odd and weird.  However, this project has made me think somewhat differently.  I still feel weird seeing this photo of me I don’t think that will ever change but I’ve come to appreciate the art in it.  Being creative on both sides of the camera is challenging but has given me an appreciation for my subjects.  It’s good to work outside your comfort zone and push yourself.  For me, the thing I loved best about this image was my hair, not my body.  I was having a good hair day (I mean I didn’t throw it up in a messy bun or ponytail) and thought it fit the prompt exactly.  I am most appreciative that Project Life 365 featured this image on The Best of PL365.  It was not easy to work outside my comfort zone in an effort to grow as a photographer and having the image featured makes it all worth it.  Big THANKS!

PL365 Week31

Project Life 365 {Week 30}

This week’s wrap up……..

#currently_reading | Loved the green fingernails.

#anticipate | A blooming echinacea.

#fruity| It’s blueberry season!

#unexpected | The magic 8 ball “cannot predict now”.

#next_door | Best friends, next door neighbors and one lucky (ahem, frustrated) dog to be on two leashes.

#for_the_win | Seriously looking for the win.

#bold | Simple but bold.

It’s never too late to join in on the fun and start your own Project Life 365.  Your life is worth documenting.

PL365 Week30

Project Life 365 {Week 29}

This week’s wrap up…….

#crisp | Observing the earth at dawn gives you a crisp new perspective, a connected spiderweb over our outdoor dining table.

#vintage | Making a quick trip to the store one morning for milk, this convertible MG caught my eye at the local body shop so I had to make another trip out to photograph it as it was perfect for the daily prompt.  This photo was featured by Project Life 365 on Instagram.

#tick_tock | Strafford, Vermont town house clock.  It’s five-o’clock somewhere.

#my_love | Me and my love in taking a short break in our new hammock.

#weakness | Love all the split rail fences in Vermont.

#grainy | Blowing sand at mom with her camera.  And, yes.  She got me.  So worth it.  A Project Life 365 feature on Instagram.

#fast | Old Home Days in South Royalton on the swings.

You can always join the fun and start your own Project Life 365.  Your life is worth documenting.

Project Life 365 Week 29

Project Life 365 {Week 28}

This week’s wrap up……..

#glass | her favorite….milk

#in_the_details | a well dressed man is always in the details

#me_time | My new “me time” in an effort to improve flexibility.

#innocence | She just caught my eye.

#park | Lots of rain lately making a park visit hard.

#strange | How did I give birth to offspring that would put their fingers in this?  It makes me squirm.

#funny | We all need one of these right?

It’s never too late to join in on the fun and start your own PL365.  You can check out the details over at Project Life 365.  Life is worth documenting.

Project Life 365 Week 28

Project Life 365 {Week 27}

Another week of Project Life 365 and more than half way through the project.

#artistic | My attempt at being artistic and using the double exposure option on my Canon 5D

#you_today | I wasn’t sure which was worse, the prompt or allergies, but was glad to have these yard sale glasses on hand.

#footwear | He’s been rockin’ the classic Sperry top sider boat shoes with “pigtails” since I’ve known him and somehow it just works for him.

#seasonal | Garlic scape bracelets, the latest seasonal accessory.

#independent | Happy Independence Day!

#spark | My first attempt at photographing fireworks and tried out a technique called motion blur where you zoom out during the exposure.  This was my favorite image.

#the_old_me | The old me would have laughed if you’d told me that I’d be living in a small town, much smaller than I’d grown up in.  I was determined to be a city girl.  However, this town is special.  The people, the traditions, the effort that goes into making it what it is, makes it priceless for our kids and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Project Life 365 Week 27

Project Life 365 Week 27

Project Life 365 {Week 26}

This week’s prompts include…….

#alive | A fresh new addition in the field that I run by.

#curves | Sitting in the doctor’s office, this seemed to fit the prompt nicely.

#turquoise | A trip to Whales Tales this week with friends and I caught Alan doing the toilet bowl.

#daybreak | An early morning run on our usual route and this was sitting there begging to be photographed.  It just seemed perfect for the day’s theme.

#edible | Strawberry picking and watching her watch others.

#some_day | I know some day the toys on the floor, the messes, the endless laundry will be gone and this little girl and I will miss it.

#body | This girl is rough on her body.  I came downstairs to find her like this watching TV trying to pull this tooth.  A week later and it is still in there. Alan always says that she will be the one to play rugby and I’m starting to agree.


Project Life Week 26

Project Life 365 {Week 25}

This week’s wrap-up……

#hero | My hero flying out the Friday before Father’s Day for work, for us.  He is the most wonderful husband and father a woman could ever ask for. He’s compassionate, funny, dedicated, smart and so handsome.

#comfy | Comfy and getting warm in the sunlight streaming in through the window after waking up.

#sweet | Made Neiman Marcus cookies for this prompt and as I was taking the picture before telling the kids they were ready this sneaky hand came into the frame.  Perfect.

#numbers | Post office boxes with number combos.

#classic | A pristine Volkswagen van, a classic.

#sun | Celebrated the summer solstice the best way by seeking out a a local pool.  It was such a gorgeous day but the water was a little too cold for me to get in.

#gear | A boy and his gear.


Project Life 365 {Week 25}

our hero, a comfy spot on the couch, sweet cookies and a sweet hand, classic Volkswagen van, post office box with number combos, celebrating the summer solstice, a boy’s gear

Project Life 365 {Week 24}


This week’s roundup……

#start_to_the_day | A great start to the day is sleeping in a couple of hours and then going on a run with friends.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

#compact | A tiny compact camera keychain that makes the click and has a flash but doesn’t actually take photos.  This image was a feature image on Project Life 365 – Instagram

#new | Someone got a new car recently. Yikes!

#old | Walking through Hanover, NH and there are plenty of old building but this one covered in ivy with the year the town was chartered caught my eye.

#treasure | Playing with the water hose is a memory I think we all treasure.  Good times indeed.

#fashion | Sure, I’ll buy that romper for you if you let me take your picture.  I like to think of it as a win-win situation.

#different_perspective | I’m glad she’s not too big for airplanes yet and I love her toothless grin.


start to the day, compact, new, old, treasure, fashion, different perspective

start to the day, compact, new, old, treasure, fashion, different perspective

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