Celebrating 2019…..

This post may be coming out a bit late since we’re already a week into the new decade but taking time off during the holidays and truly unplugging from work and social media was a breath of fresh air. It allowed me to be intensely present for my people, just like I am for my couples on their wedding day. Like every year, I feel incredibly grateful to call this my job and I got to work with so many amazing couples photographing the best day of their lives so far and especially thankful for those couples who said “I trust you. Just do your thing.” It allowed me to photograph their day as I saw it which is every photographer’s dream client.

Besides getting to photograph beautifully curated spaces for celebrating and couples, there are other parts of this job that I love. Things like handing a tissue to mom when she sees her daughter in her dress on her wedding day and also possessing the skills to sew a bride’s dress with her in it after a snafu. I love being referred by previous clients and then getting to see them again at that wedding! I love couples who trust me when I ask them to bushwack through fields covered in ticks for a shot and couples who let me drive their Vespa after their engagement session are pretty much awesome. I love going to wedding venues that have New England charm. I mean who doesn’t want alpacas present on their wedding day? I love watching a bride dance the night away in her custom white Chaco shoes like there was no tomorrow. Oh, and I did I mention that I get to dance to some pretty fun bands too? I loved watching a dad button his daughter in her dress and another dad be the designated person to bustle the bride’s dress after the ceremony because he was the only one who knew how to do it. Both brought tears to my eyes. I got to witness intimate ceremonies that seemed perfect. I got to photograph details crafted and created by other artisans and wedding professionals. I often tell people that Vermont has a pretty amazing and supportive wedding industry and no doubt, I see it confirmed every season.

Those are just a few things that make me love doing what I do and I thought I’d share a few of some of my favorite images from 2019 below.



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