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This is my second year photographing this family and each time I do I feel like the luckiest person ever to spend time with them.  Last year the twins were just one year old and as sweet as ever, very eager to interact with me.  This year they needed a little more time to warm up as they’ve become more aware of unfamiliar faces, but it didn’t take long before I started seeing those sweet smiles and hearing all about their favorite toys. So, let’s talk about toys and photo sessions.  I encourage parents to bring children’s favorite toys and lovies to help make them feel more comfortable and relaxed during their photo session.  However, I think it’s important for parents to be okay with this lifestyle approach to photography over what we’ve always known as traditional portraiture.   I personally embrace it because it’s a representation of who your child is at that very moment and what they love so much.  This mom’s testimony below is why I prefer this style of photography.  I think we could all use a little more embracing of the chaos in our lives because it’s all still pretty beautiful as long you look at it the right way.

“We LOVE the photos! Simply perfect! When we thought about doing another family photo session this year…I wasn’t sure at first if we needed to. We so loved the photos from last year and…it was only a year ago. But Amara & Beckett have changed so much, and the moments captured this year are so special to who they are now…who we are now. Right down to the teddy bear that Beckett loves…”Teddy”…the one his great-grandmother bought at a thrift shop for his first birthday…and the baby doll…”Baby Girl”…my best friend bought Amara for her second birthday…her first doll. Amara’s dress and tights from her sweet best friend, the sweater from Beckett’s great-grandmother, the baby doll dress from that same great-grandmother. The old vintage quilt I love…the one with all the stains from picnics and snuggling. I bought it for $3.25…a steal! The old wooden wagon we flipped over last week on our dirt road…they both fell out and cried…the one with our pumpkins in it this week. An old man gave it to Jeff a few months ago. He was unloading the back of his pick-up truck when he saw Jeff. It was filled with old metal Tonka toys and that wagon. He gave them all to Jeff. I’ve been wondering who they belonged to long ago…but feel so fortunate to share them with my children now…these cherished toys from years past. Beckett’s old metal truck…his favorite color orange. The lollipops that remind me of our little day trips into town…sneaking into Gillingham’s for a little sweetness. I so love these children and my husband and my family! Thank you so much for freezing in time these precious moments. The ones…that when I look back…will erase everything that was ever stressful about these hectic, sleepless, and crazy days. Forever Grateful, Kristina”

Thank you Jeff and Kristina for trusting me to capture your family again.  It’s truly an honor to document your beautiful lives and may you always cherish each and every moment of this journey as I know you already do.

Vermont Family Photographer | Amy Donohue PhotographyVermont Family Photographer | Amy Donohue PhotographyVermont Family Photographer | Amy Donohue Photography

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