Family Portrait Session | Strafford, Vermont

I’ve photographed many of my friends, and each time I’m asked I’m flattered that they value my photography.  This time was no exception, we’ve been great friends with this family since we moved to Vermont in 2007.  We’ve attended many basketball and soccer games together and our boys have been the best of friends since the 5th grade.  Determining where the session would take place took a little figuring out. but at the last minute things came together perfectly and we met at a beautiful location on a piece of private property, with permission of course!  Looking at these images in a collage like this reminds me how much fun that evening was and how great it is to spend time with friends.  It hardly seems like work when things come together like they did for this evening.  I feel like I captured who they are as a family and I hope they treasure these photos for years to come.

Vermont Family Photographer | Amy Donohue Photography

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