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Pockets of Light

This year I’m continuing to document everyday moments, but in an effort to make sure I’m in the frame more I have joined a group of photographers who have all taken the Magic of Light workshop by Summer Murdock for a project that we are calling Get In 52. We will attempt to get in the frame at least once a week so at the end of the year we’ll have at least 52 photographs to document our existence. Far too often as photographers we are busy documenting what we see and as a result are often not in many of our family’s photographs.  The hope is that this project will change that. And although I feel much more comfort being on the other side of the lens, I do feel there is a lot of growth that comes from allowing yourself to be vulnerable and be uncomfortable on the other side. It allows me to experience what some of my clients may be feeling when they are in front of my lens. Also, there is something nice about have a willing subject to experiment with. I am attempting this project with little expectation. I realize there may be weeks that I may not be able to keep up, and if that happens I’ll just jump right back in next week.

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