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Once again I am humbled to have an image included in this selection of images for the 2015 VOICE Image Collection that will be on display at Click Away photography conference in San Antonio, TX in October.  It’s such an honor for me because some of my favorite photographers images were also included and to think I’d have an image included in this collection blows my mind.  I love looking at the world we live in through other people’s eyes and this collection inspires me to want to go out and try new things with my own photography.  Take a moment, click on the link and view the entire collection.

Click below to see images of mind that were included in the

2014 Voice Collection

Amy Donohue Photography-2

So honored to have five of my images selected to be included in Clickin Moms’ 2014 VOICE  | Digital Print Competition, along with 268 other beautiful images by inspiring photographers.  With over 8,000 images, the panel of judges selected the top 268 in 14 different categories representing vision, originality, inspiration, creativity and overall excellence.

The images will be displayed at this year’s Click Away conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah | September 11th-13th, 2014

  VOICE_winner_banner_street Amy Donohue PhotographyVOICE_winner_banner_connection Amy Donohue PhotographyVOICE_winner_banner_daily_life Amy Donohue PhotographyVOICE_winner_banner_details Amy Donohue PhotographyVOICE_winner_banner_still_life

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Mozi Magazine Tear Sheet

I really couldn’t be more excited and honored about this feature in Mozi Magazine.  I remember the first issue I bought of Mozi Magazine, it was their family issue, August of 2013.  I never would have dreamed that I would be seeing my own images in their Family & Children issue 10 months later.  I also remember drooling over the imagery published and feeling so inspired.  When I saw that they were taking submissions for their next issue, the Lighting issue, I thought it would be worth submitting what I had captured while doing my 365 project to see if it could get published.  None of my images were selected for publication and once the November Lighting issue came out, I could see why.  The images they chose to publish were beyond gorgeous.  Don’t get me wrong, I still feel like my images were great images, one even got shared on their Facebook page, but the images that were published were just perfect for a lighting issue.  This is where I first discovered Summer Murdock and the way she infuses light into her images.  I’m still hoping to take a class with her this fall and learn from this talented artist.

When I saw that Mozi was taking submissions for their Family and Children Issue, again I thought why not?  I have been capturing images of my kids everyday for an entire year through an incredible project so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to submit again.  I did and I now have six images published.  Why am I telling you this long story?  Well, because it’s important to 1) not compare your work to others but rather be inspired by it and 2) never give up on something if it doesn’t work out the first time.  Things happen for a reason and be glad they do, sometimes it just means something better is just around the corner.

I’m doing a 365 project again this year because I simply love shooting and capturing our life, our story, every. single. day.  You can see more of this project here.

To celebrate, I’m giving away one digital copy of Mozi The Family & Children Issue.  If you’ve  never subscribed to Mozi Magazine, you’re in for a real treat…no advertising and chock full of beautiful imagery along with great interviews.

Enter Here for your digital copy


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