An amazing year in business

Each year since 2007 I have made a family photo book with our family’s favorite photos from that year.  My kids love looking through them and it warms my heart to see them looking back at their life through my lens.  It’s one of the reasons why I shoot daily, so no detail is missed, so they have that moment in time captured to go back to.

This year as I look at what an amazing year it has been for my business,  I also look back with extreme gratitude for my clients who have entrusted me to capture their memories.  Whether is was a sweet grin, a warm snuggle, a cute baby bump, a snowball fight, a precious new life or the joining of two lives I can say whole heartedly that it warms my heart just as much to capture these memories for other families as it does to capture memories for my own family.  I am so grateful to love what I do and am so appreciative to everyone who stepped in front of my lens this year.

I wanted to share some of my favorite images and wanted to thank all my clients for such an amazing year.  I look forward to what 2015 will bring and wish everyone a healthy and prosperous year!
Amy Donohue Photography_0221Amy Donohue Photography_0220 Amy Donohue Photography_0222Amy Donohue Photography_0213Amy Donohue Photography_0214Amy Donohue Photography_0215Amy Donohue Photography_0216Amy Donohue Photography_0217Amy Donohue Photography_0218

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