The Chewing Gum Man | London, England

After visiting Modern Tate in London and feeling very inspired I headed towards St. Paul’s Cathedral making my way across the Millennium Bridge.  As I stepped onto the bridge I saw this man lying there.  I wasn’t sure what he was doing.  Honestly, I thought maybe he was homeless until I got closer and saw that he was painting on the bridge.  Well, technically he wasn’t painting on the bridge, he was painting the chewing gum on the bridge, which I didn’t realize until I asked him about it. I stopped to take a few pictures and then asked him what he was painting and what his name was.  He’s Ben Wilson, also known as The Chewing Gum Artist, who has painted over 500 pieces of discarded chewing gum on the Millennium Bridge.  You see painting the gum is not a criminal act because the gum itself is just rubbish whereas painting the bridge would be a criminal offense.

Amy Donohue Photography_0165

Amy Donohue Photography_0164

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