Guest host of Clickin Moms

I had the honor of being the guest host of Clickin Moms Instagram account.  Here is a look at a typical day in our lives through the lens.

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Amy Donohue Photography-171B9755-Edit

Sunrise over Strafford, Vermont.

Amy Donohue Photography-171B9763-Edit

Melvin Coburn, owner of Coburns’ General Store for 37 years.

Amy Donohue Photography-171B9764-2-Edit

New Boston Road, Norwich, Vermont

Amy Donohue Photography-171B9785-Edit

Downer Forest Road, Sharon, Vermont

Amy Donohue Photography-171B9791-Edit

After school snack at Cafe 232.

Amy Donohue Photography-171B9800-Edit

Back home to regroup.

Amy Donohue Photography-171B9822-2-Edit

Our chicken Speedy.

Amy Donohue Photography-171B9854-Edit

Our village’s town house.

Amy Donohue Photography-171B9875-Edit

Blowing milk weed into the wind.

Amy Donohue Photography

Dinner and drinks

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