Snail Mail Revival

Last year when I did Project Life 365 I got to know so many Instagramers from all corners of the world as we shared our daily lives together through imagery.  It has been wonderful connecting and creating online friendships with others who share a passion for creating and documenting.  I first came across the idea of “Snail Mail Revival” through Ryann @cirriform, who’s work is truly inspiring.  Snail Mail Revival is just like having a pen pal in other parts of the world but instead of trading letters (although we do include short notes), you trade printed images from your Instagram feed.  What a great way to strengthen the connections we’ve made online through our images and let’s face it, who doesn’t like getting mail that isn’t a bill?

These are the first images I received from the very talented @julrow.  I love the softness in her work as well as how clean her edits are.  It’s been so great getting to know her and watching her family expand this past year.  I highly recommend checking out her feed and following her so you don’t miss out on her work.

Snail mail instagram prints from a fellow instagramer

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