Maternity & Family Portrait Session | New England Photographer

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Friday evening than with this family.  They were spunky, down to earth and just fun to be around.  Not to mention they make beautiful offspring (looking forward to the arrival of baby no. 2.) and they just don’t take a bad photograph.  Mom couldn’t wear her pregnancy more beautifully.  Her drive to stay active during her pregnancy + her beautiful glow makes her one amazing woman.  If all goes well, she’s hoping to do a fall marathon.  What?  Yeah, she pretty much rocks.

And, I’m really glad she contacted me to document this time in their lives.  I’ve only done one other maternity session before and this one made me realize how important it is to document this time before the baby comes.  Life really does become a blur once your family expands whether it’s the first, second or third child and it makes me wish I had done the same thing during my pregnancies.  It’s a beautiful time to capture and document through photographs.

It didn’t take long for Madelyn and I to become best buddies, although the Smarties probably helped.  Have I mentioned that I think Smarties are the perfect treat to win kiddos over when you’re dealing with this age?  They don’t make a mess and you can give them one at a time (just keep them hidden in your pocket) and most of the time it doesn’t result in sugar overload.  It’s really a win/win for everyone.  You bet I’ll pack more when I go back to photographer her once she becomes a big sister and I simply can’t wait.

Amy Donohue Photography Maternity Session 001Amy Donohue Photography Maternity Session 002Amy Donohue Photography Maternity Session 003Amy Donohue Photography Maternity Session 004Amy Donohue Photography Maternity Session 005Amy Donohue Photography Maternity Session 006Amy Donohue Photography Maternity Session 007

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