Project Life 365 {Week 35}

This is probably one of my favorite weeks in photographs.  I love so many of them and they evoke such memories that make me want to hold onto summer just a little longer.

#memory | Backyard camping for the girls before school starts. (Featured Instagram image on The Bloom Forum)

#refreshing | Nothing more refreshing than a cool summer breeze out the car window. (Featured Instagram image over on Little Bellows)

#white | I captured this earlier in the month when the girls took a few rides at a local horse farm.  This horse was so calm and gentle.  I loved that I was able to get close enough to capture her white lashes.

#rule_of_thirds |  Barns and silos of Vermont, one of my favorites to photograph

#bubbly | This image is a macro shot of bubbles {Dawn dishwashing soap mixed with water and a dash of grape seed oil}. I loved how the oil produced many colors that were in constant motion on the outside of the bubbles.

#just_like_a_movie | Seriously one of the hardest prompts I’ve had.  However, driving away from a local shop, these fields caught my eye as a scene from The Sound of Music but was just missing someone twirling around.  Lucky me, it was early dismissal day at school! (Featured image on Instagram Kids)

#thank_you | Another stumper.  How do you photograph thank you?  This day was spent mostly in the car driving to a high school soccer game in the rain and I was struggling to come up with something to capture.  That is until this covered bridge caught my eye as a rebuild after Hurricane Irene.  As we drove by I took a second look in my rearview mirror and spotted the flag hanging on the other side.  Eeerk!  A quick slam on the breaks and a quick turn I was pulled over and out of the car to snap this image.  I really love the salvaged wood used to rebuild this covered bridge, makes me wonder if it was salvaged from the hurricane.  Anyway, it made me thankful for the strong communities across Vermont who banded together to pull through such a devastating time in Vermont’s history.

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PL365 Week35


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