Project Life 365 {Week 33}

Another week completed with Project Life 365

#direction | Wind direction

#above | Falling leaves from above and I’m so not ready to let go of summer

#underneath | Sharing in the rain

#little_things | I admit, we’re at the point in the summer where I’m forcing my kids to play outside when I need a little time to get things done.  I don’t feel so bad when they showed me the little fairy house they built in the stream.

#reality | Her reality.  Peace, Love and Happiness!

#obligations | Parental obligations, no fun but necessary.

#matched_pair | Inspired by Ilona Szwarc’s work, I was intent on photographing my girls with their dolls for this prompt.  They squealed when I told them my thoughts and then continued to squeal and be silly while I was capturing them in their moment with their dolls.  This was a feature photo on Instagram by Project Life 365.


PL365 - Week 33



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