Project Life 365 {Week 31}

Here’s another week wrapped up of Project Life 365

#family | Since we weren’t all together for this prompt due to camp, I thought this image would do since it all really starts right here anyway.

#mail | I wanted to photograph our town’s post office because it has so much character and most likely won’t be there in the near future with all the issues the USPS is having.  So I stopped and took a few images and as I was looking at the back of my camera to see what I had gotten I looked up to see this gentleman coming.  I couldn’t be more excited because this gentleman is what makes one fall in love with this place.  He is well into his nineties and can be found riding his bicycle in his baseball cap and tweed jacket between the two villages to the general store.  It is a five mile round trip and it simply amazes me every time I see him.  As one person recently described “he is so poetic” and I couldn’t agree more.  As he approached me we said hello to one another and it was if he knew what I was expecting.  He road right into the frame allowing me to capture him in our town, on his bike, making this little town the little piece of heaven on earth that it is.  I felt incredibly lucky to capture his sweet soul.

#orange | Orange was a challenge for me until I saw my son’s basketball in the back of his car.  I immediately thought I could capture him shooting some hoops with it but when it kept getting stuck in the net, knew I had my shot.

#childhood | Is about going barefooted and climbing.

#you_today | Resting.  The day before I did two 6 mile runs and it wiped me out.

#reliable | I really can’t survive without making lists, even sharpie lists on my hand.

#hair | This shot was actually captured a few weeks ago when when we had the prompt #body.  I had a strapless top on and was experimenting in front of the camera but couldn’t bring myself to post it.  For some reason self portraits seem so narcissistic to me.  I don’t like seeing myself in photos, it’s odd and weird.  However, this project has made me think somewhat differently.  I still feel weird seeing this photo of me I don’t think that will ever change but I’ve come to appreciate the art in it.  Being creative on both sides of the camera is challenging but has given me an appreciation for my subjects.  It’s good to work outside your comfort zone and push yourself.  For me, the thing I loved best about this image was my hair, not my body.  I was having a good hair day (I mean I didn’t throw it up in a messy bun or ponytail) and thought it fit the prompt exactly.  I am most appreciative that Project Life 365 featured this image on The Best of PL365.  It was not easy to work outside my comfort zone in an effort to grow as a photographer and having the image featured makes it all worth it.  Big THANKS!

PL365 Week31

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