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Earlier in the year when I decided to attempt another 365 project, literally on January 1st, I had no idea if I’d stick with it.  I had tried a 365 project on my own at one point in the previous year and failed after going away on a family vacation.  What made me want to do a 365 project?  Well, I was having a hard time picking up the camera on a regular basis.  It seemed as though I would only photograph when something struck me as interesting.  Then one day when looking in the toothpaste drawer I realized that my kids no longer required kiddie toothpaste.  Whoa. Wait. A. Minute.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  You know how you have those hurdles as a parent when the last child starts sleeping through the night on a regular basis or moves out of the diaper stage, you do a little victory dance?  And, then there are those moments that make you sad because they’re growing up too quickly.  Well, the sadness struck me and I thought a 365 project would force me to shoot everyday and document everything I could before it was too late.

I started Project Life 365 mainly using my iphone and occasionally using my DSLR.  Then I realized that if I want to get the most out of this project, I should use my DSLR and really push myself to learn the camera inside and out, under all lighting conditions as well as find my creative style.  For this reason, most of my images in the project are shot using my Canon 7D or 5D Mark III.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t use my iphone because occasionally I do when I don’t have a heavy one with me.

I’m over halfway through PL365 and daily photographing has now become a part of my life.  I’m wondering if I would be content NOT doing a 365 next year!  There’s time to think about that but for now I am so incredibly thankful for the journey it has taken me on.  I have grown as a photographer in so many ways but most of all I have met so many inspiring artists out there.  I even had my first Instameet last week with a fabulously talented photographer who is also doing PL365 and was visiting family the area.  I admit, that I have become somewhat of an Instagram addict (it’s really not that bad) who can’t wait to look through the feed in the morning over a cup of coffee to see how others have interpreted the prompt with their images.  The talent is really inspiring.

The other great motivator is having your image featured by PL365.  I have been a very lucky girl and wanted to share two of my images that were featured on Project Life 365’s blog this month.  You can see the features by clicking on the images.  











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