Project Life 365 {Week 27}

Another week of Project Life 365 and more than half way through the project.

#artistic | My attempt at being artistic and using the double exposure option on my Canon 5D

#you_today | I wasn’t sure which was worse, the prompt or allergies, but was glad to have these yard sale glasses on hand.

#footwear | He’s been rockin’ the classic Sperry top sider boat shoes with “pigtails” since I’ve known him and somehow it just works for him.

#seasonal | Garlic scape bracelets, the latest seasonal accessory.

#independent | Happy Independence Day!

#spark | My first attempt at photographing fireworks and tried out a technique called motion blur where you zoom out during the exposure.  This was my favorite image.

#the_old_me | The old me would have laughed if you’d told me that I’d be living in a small town, much smaller than I’d grown up in.  I was determined to be a city girl.  However, this town is special.  The people, the traditions, the effort that goes into making it what it is, makes it priceless for our kids and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Project Life 365 Week 27

Project Life 365 Week 27

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