Project Life 365 {Week 25}

This week’s wrap-up……

#hero | My hero flying out the Friday before Father’s Day for work, for us.  He is the most wonderful husband and father a woman could ever ask for. He’s compassionate, funny, dedicated, smart and so handsome.

#comfy | Comfy and getting warm in the sunlight streaming in through the window after waking up.

#sweet | Made Neiman Marcus cookies for this prompt and as I was taking the picture before telling the kids they were ready this sneaky hand came into the frame.  Perfect.

#numbers | Post office boxes with number combos.

#classic | A pristine Volkswagen van, a classic.

#sun | Celebrated the summer solstice the best way by seeking out a a local pool.  It was such a gorgeous day but the water was a little too cold for me to get in.

#gear | A boy and his gear.


Project Life 365 {Week 25}

our hero, a comfy spot on the couch, sweet cookies and a sweet hand, classic Volkswagen van, post office box with number combos, celebrating the summer solstice, a boy’s gear

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