Project Life 365 {Week 21}

Week 21 of Project Life 365…..

#currently_reading – I came home with too many plants again this year.

#real – Real sweet tea

#curious – Hey, watcha got there?

#souvenir – A shell from the beach

#secret – Still trying to figure out the secret to drinking milk without getting a milk mustache……….

#for_the_birds – Floor cleaning is not one of my favorite chores, definitely for the birds

#fuel – Fuel for our fireplace, May 25th and we had to start a fire. Next weekend I believe the high is 90 degrees.

Project Life 365 Week 21

Week 21 of Project LIfe 365 includes some of my favorite images of a milk mustache, one of our new chicks and my favorite summer drink, real sweet tea.

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