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It’s true when they say that you should cherish each and every moment with your kids because they grow up too fast.  It’s often hard to remember this though with hectic schedules that involve dashing to after school activities while trying your best to put healthy foods in their bodies.  Often times, I think of a lifespan in terms of 100 years.  (I mainly think this way because my husband is always saying that he plans to live to 100.)  So, if you think of a lifespan in terms of 100 years, we only have our children during approximately twenty of those years, under our wing to shape them and give them the tools they need to lead successful, happy lives.  To me, it is just a reminder that the days may seem long but the time really is too short.

This guy, on the way to his girl friend’s house, says “Thanks for all your help today (getting ready for prom).  I don’t know what I’d be without you.”.  After saying you’re welcome, I jokingly said “Well, without me to give birth to you and give you life, you’d be someone completely different so we literally don’t know who you’d be without me”  We both laughed but then on the way home I got really teary-eyed thinking about this because the truth is, I don’t know who I would be without him.  He has made me grow so much as a person and I don’t believe I would be who I am today without him.  It makes me so happy to see him happy and I just happen to think that his happiness has something to do with having this beautifully stunning date to dance with.


The Sharon Academy Prom Photography

The Sharon Academy Prom Photography

The Sharon Academy Prom Photography Barn Photo

  • Brooke - I’m teary-eyed!!!ReplyCancel

    • admin - I know, they grow up way too fast. Sniff. Sniff.ReplyCancel

  • Kathy - You not only have a way with photographs, you have a way with words! I cried. With my daughter about to go to college too far away to drive in a day, I am feeling deeply how temporary the blessing of having our children in our day to day lives truly is. However, if we’ve done the most difficult job in the world right, they will always come home to mom – right?!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks so much Kathy. I know that day will come when they leave and it will be so difficult. There will most likely be a lot of crying and a lot of visiting. This is one reason I try my best to savor every moment, capturing as much as possible through the lens so I always have those images to remind me of the sweet, short time they are under our wings.ReplyCancel

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