Project Life 365 {Week 19}

This week’s round up……

#sign_of_the_times | Candy cigarettes, just ridiculous when you think about it.

#excess | A great vintage scale at our local gym and totally works.

#mysterious | One of my favorite black and white images this year.

#fiction | Had a litte fun creating this image with the girls and doing something outside my normal realm of editing.

#what_is_it | Vintage numbers from old gas pumps.  I think Coburn’s General Store may be one of a few that still rock these things.

#where_i_stood | Yep.

#9_to_5 | My 9 to 5 this week was shooting at this gorgeous location for a local tack shop catalog.  I love my job and my office!

Project Life 365 Week 19

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