Project Life 365 {Week 16}


#inspiration – Really, there is inspiration surrounding us no matter where we are.  We just have to choose to see it.

#redemption – Namaste

#dangerous – Seriously, with kiddos.

#symmetry – So glad to have the patio furniture out.

#hello – Welcome spring, I’ve missed you.

#dedicated – This one is dedicated to the the families affected by the Boston Marathon Bombings.  You are in our hearts!

#satisfying  – Samoa Girl Scout cookies have now made their way onto my “stock up so you never have to be without” list of things now that Keebler is making a knock off.  Sorry Girl Scouts of America for purchasing these, I promise it won’t hurt your annual sales from our household but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

project life 365

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