Project Life 365 {Week 9}

So I thought I’d share a little about some of these posts for this week…..

#blue – One of my favorite pieces of art, the blue lab, found at the Tunbridge Fair Grounds dog show and made by a local artist.

#nook – Wasn’t a complete nook until Project Life 365 came along. I’ve been inspired to look at everything so differently since starting this project and realized this space needed something on the wall to make it complete so I found this great mirror on sale and voilia!

#handmade – A pillow made by a cherished friend of ours with images from her visit of all the great landmarks in our village. Best gift ever!

#you_today – I loath self portraits, it seems there is a pattern of #you_today popping up so I should get used to it but this selfy made The Faces of Project Life 365 post.

#process – Removing the pink from this room was quite the process. Period.


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